The story

So you want to know what drove us to create the finest coins on this beautiful blue planet? Well, let me tell you what happend in our lives as investors.

Let me tell you about the
problem and the solution.

So each year, me and my friends would come together for each others birthdays. While we were there we would exchange gifts for each other, you know.. the usual Rituals giftbox or just some drinks.

All day we talked about how our investments were going, made bets for the next year who could make the biggest profits and ofcourse; talk about our biggest passion: cryptocurrency.

Then it hit us, what if we could make physical cryptocurrency coins and start a collection for in our offices? Boom. A new business was born. We contacted the finest smiths and started working on the designs.

So now, nearly 5 years later we are the world leader in creating awesome gifts for investors. We make more than just cryptocurrency coins, we create memories.